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ChaoticChaos application

Post by Chaosgod on Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:27 am

Nickname (Discord IGN):my nick is chaos my ign is chaotichaos
Real name:rudy
What position are you applying for?(Moderator, Forum Moderator, Advertiser, Developer):admin/mod
Why you apply for this position?:I see future in your server so I want to help myself I own 4 servers with a combined total of 600+ members I know how to run a server and help out and I could advertise too so yeah
Contacts(Skype and email):emai
Which Staff Member will vote for you,and why?:idk who would
:closing I just want to finish with saying I hope you have a good day and also I'm very active like 24/7 on Discord



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